New York, Washington, and California Among States to Restore Voting Rights to Formerly Incarcerated

California, New York, and Washington have recently passed laws restoring the right to vote to those who have been incarcerated. Several other states are considering proposals to do the same thing, or even to allow prisoners to vote while serving their sentences.

Lunch & Learn Virtual Event: Becoming a Voting Ambassador

Thank you to everyone for joining us. We had a wonderful gathering with over 60 people coming together to participate in launching our Voting Ambassadors program at our June 11th Lunch and Learn!!   Read our summary overview of Key info. And sign up to become a Voting Ambassador. Consider a setting where …

Connecticut Passes New Law to End Prison Gerrymandering

Yesterday, Connecticut Governor Ned Lamont signed a bill ensuring that people in state prisons will hereafter be counted as residents of their home addresses when new legislative districts are drawn. The new law makes Connecticut the eleventh state to end the practice known as prison gerrymandering, after Illinois passed its own bill earlier this …

Voting Is Your Right!

It is the mission of the Voting Access for All Coalition to ensure that all persons in pretrial situations, individuals about to be released from prison, and those formerly incarcerated, along with their families and community members, have the opportunity and knowledge they need to exercise their right to vote …

Voting in jail: Advocates work to make sure people in Michigan can cast a ballot

Thousands of people awaiting trial in Michigan’s jails have the right to vote, but for a long list of reasons never get their hands on ballots. A coalition of activist groups is making a concerted effort to remedy that.