Community Voting Outreach

The goal of our community outreach is to inform people with felony convictions and/or on parole, that they have the right to vote, and enabling them to exercise that right.

Our outreach is intended to inform people

  • of the importance of voting in every election
  • where they can learn more about the issues and candidates on their ballots
  • how they can register to vote and get an absentee ballot
  • how they can vote

Flyers and Posters which you can print: The Following Materials can be used as is, or modified for your unique needs.

2022 VAAC Michigan Flyer

2022 VAAC Michigan Poster

To receive printed Flyers and Posters, please complete the following form

To join our community outreach as a volunteer, or to request a voting ambassador for your organization, please contact us and someone will reach out to you with more information.

Volunteer OpportunityCommitment Size
Community Material Distribution: Hang VAAC posters in public settings – especially in urban areas – such as bus stops, barber shops, laundromats, corner stores, libraries, churches, mosques, etc.
Location: Your Community or we will help identify a community we have not reached yet
Starting at just a few hours. You can also keep a supply of posters in your car and distribute them when you are out in the community.
Community Event Volunteer: Join other VAAC volunteers at events or community locations, educating people on their right to vote, and helping them register, request absentee ballots, or get id’s.
Location: In the Community
A single event commitment is about 2-4 hours.  Your name will be added to a Sign-up genius to be alerted of all opportunities. 
Community Liaison: Take responsibility for a relationship with a community organization such as a homeless shelter or food bank, to deliver posters, flyers and maybe even set up a Get Out the Vote event.
Location: Phone or email to coordinate. Ideally, visit the location in person with posters and fliers to make personal contact, but snail mail is a definite backup alternative. 
Engaging a single organization should about 2-4 hours total. You are welcome to take on multiple locations.