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Hear the strong, empowered voices of women and men whose right to vote was denied through incarceration. (You can also watch the full 18-minute version.)

Our Voices

Listen to Daniel Jones talk about participating in his first Presidential election.

Listen to Demetrius talk about making his voice heard through voting.

Listen to Corey B. talk about missing out on voting.

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VAAC in the News: Interview with Co-Chair Kathi Harris
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VAAC in the News: Interview with Co-Chair Kathi Harris

Our lionhearted leader, Kathi Harris, Co-Chair of VAAC – Voting Access for All. was interviewed by WGVU about the VAAC’s mission to empower the justice-impacted community, voting rights for returning citizens, the importance of voting, and how she reaches people to empower them. Grand Rapids Chapter of A. Philip Randolph …

Voting Rights
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Voting Rights and the Criminal Legal System

Click HERE to watch the video recording of this powerful, informative event. The Detroit League of Women Voters and Detroit Public Library are sponsoring a panel on Voting Rights and the Criminal Legal System. This discussion will bring together representatives of several organizations that address the treatment of voting rights …

VAAC Member Spotlight: E.B. Jordan
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VAAC Member Spotlight: E.B. Jordan

This month’s honoree is powerhouse E.B. Jordan. Her work with VAAC is driven by her passion to make sure that people know that they can vote even if with a felony. (Check her out in VAAC’s Yes, You CAN Vote video!) Determined not to let any barriers hold her back, E.B. founded her own non-profit in Detroit called S&D PJ Housing to provide much needed re-entry housing and services. She’s also a vocal advocate with Safe and Just Michigan striving to change the narrative about people who have been incarcerated.