The Coalition is working on 4 primary goals at this time.

  1. Community Voting Outreach — The goal of our community outreach is to inform people with felony convictions and/or on parole, that they have the right to vote and enable them in exercising that right.
  2. Jail Voting – Our outreach to people held in Michigan Jails pre-trial provides them with education and support to exercise their right to vote. In addition to working directly with jail facilities across the state, we have produced a report on Voting in Jail in Michigan, which we are using to advocate for systemic changes across the state.
  3. Voting in Prison – This is a long-term goal to influence Michigan policy to allow for voting in prison.
  4. End Prison Gerrymandering – Our goal is to help leverage community-wide pressure to end the practice of prison gerrymandering in Michigan.
  5. Encourage Civic Engagement – We encourage everyone to advance criminal legal reform in their communities, through a variety of tools.