Voting Access for All
Voting Access for All

Empowering ALL Michigan Voters: Voting Is Your Right!

You Can Vote In Michigan If You Have a Felony
You Can Vote In Michigan If You Have a Felony
  • A person who has been released from jail or prison can vote!
  • People on probation, parole, and tether can vote!
  • People in jail awaiting arraignment or trial can vote!
  • Only people who have been convicted and are currently incarcerated in a prison or jail cannot vote—until they are released.
Every Election Matters
Every Election Matters

Local Leaders make decisions that impact our lives

  • Appoint Police Chiefs
  • Set Local Criminal Legal Policy
  • Set Housing and Employment Policy
  • Physical, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Policy
  • Approve and manage city budgets
  • Elected Sheriffs, Prosecutors, and Judges play major roles in the Criminal Legal System and how it functions
Voting Information
Yes, You Can Vote in Michigan! EVEN IF……. You have a Felony Record, You are on Probation, Parole, or tether, You are awaiting arraignment or trial, Your housing is unstable, You do not have Michigan...
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Find upcoming events where volunteer help is needed. Volunteer Opportunities Help by hanging VAAC posters in your community. Distribute VAAC Posters Other Volunteer Needs: VAAC has several opportunities, large and small, based on the availability,...
Hear Our Stories
Hear the strong, empowered voices of women and men whose right to vote was denied through incarceration. (You can also watch the full 18-minute version.) Our Voices Listen to Daniel Jones talk about participating in...

Yes, You Can Vote!


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