VAAC has several opportunities, large and small, based on the availability, skills and interests of volunteers.  Some can be done from home, others out in the community. We are a state-wide organization, with volunteers in many communities, and looking to grow further. Click the plus sign’s below to learn about Volunteer Opportunities in each program.

Volunteer OpportunityCommitment Size
Community Material Distribution: Hang VAAC posters in public settings – especially in urban areas – such as bus stops, barber shops, laundromats, corner stores, libraries, churches, mosques, etc.
Location: Your Community or we will help identify a community we have not reached yet
Starting at just a few hours. You can also keep a supply of posters in your car and distribute them when you are out in the community.
Community Event Volunteer: Join other VAAC volunteers at events or community locations, educating people on their right to vote, and helping them register, request absentee ballots, or get id’s.
Location: In the Community
A single event commitment is about 2-4 hours.  Your name will be added to a Sign-up genius to be alerted of all opportunities. 
Community Liaison: Take responsibility for a relationship with a community organization such as a homeless shelter or food bank, to deliver posters, flyers and maybe even set up a Get Out the Vote event.
Location: Phone or email to coordinate. Ideally, visit the location in person with posters and fliers to make personal contact, but snail mail is a definite backup alternative. 
Engaging a single organization should about 2-4 hours total. You are welcome to take on multiple locations.
Volunteer OpportunityCommitment Size
Jail Volunteer: Connect with individuals in jails to support education, voter registration, absentee ballot requests. 
Location: A single Jail you agree to Volunteer at.
Multiple small commitments.  Involves training, and multiple visits to same jail.
Jail Liaison: Build relationships with jail administration and local clerks office in an individual county. Use data collected at check-in and make follow-up phone calls with staff, incarcerated individuals, and individuals upon release.
Location: Remote (phone and mail) and may also involve visiting the location if you so choose, but not required.
On-going engagement of less than 10 hours per week..    

The communications team is responsible for VAAC’s written content, social media, website, newsletter / email. We are currently active on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and are always looking for additional help. We work in close coordination with the other teams in order to ensure that the wider group is always in the know and aware of what VAAC is working on.

We need to grow our team in the following areas

Volunteer OpportunityCommitment Size
Graphic designers / Visual ArtistsFlexible
Messaging and Narrative CreatorsFlexible
Research, Legal and StrategyFlexible
PR/Press Media LiaisonFlexible
Volunteer OpportunityCommitment Size
Sign Up Genius Coordinator – Maintain Lists Of People Interested In Volunteer Opportunities. Support Community And Jail Liaison’s In Sending Out Volunteer Opportunities Using Sign-Up Genius.up to 3 hours per week. Could share responsibility.
Grant Writer – Core Messages Already Written. Need Help Completing Specific Grant Requirements.10-20 hours per Grant.
Voting Data – Join A Team That Sets Data Strategy, Implements And Maintains VAAC Voter Information.Up to 8 hours per week. Could share responsibility.
Note Taker – Take Notes At Our Weekly Meeting And Publish On A Weekly Basis. 3 hours per week. Could share responsibility.

Please contact us using the form below, tell us about your volunteer interests, and someone will contact you to discuss further.