Discussion with Khyla Craine from MDOS at Friday’s Meeting

With early voting (Feb. 17 – Feb. 25) just around the corner, we are thrilled to announce that Khyla Craine, Deputy Legal Director of the Michigan Department of State, will be joining our virtual community call this Friday, February 16, 2024.

This important session will focus on early voting and other changes to Michigan elections in 2024.

A group of voters and politicians standing together in a jail common room.  Large concrete walls, steel bars, and metal-framed windows fill the background.

As we navigate through this pivotal year for Michigan voters, marked by significant changes in our electoral process, Khyla Craine’s expertise will be invaluable. The implementation of Ballot Proposal 2, passed in 2022, sets Michigan on a groundbreaking journey towards enhancing voter accessibility and flexibility. This initiative introduces early in-person voting, offering voters the opportunity to cast their ballots ahead of time, starting with the upcoming presidential primary.

During our session, Khyla Craine will delve into the new early voting processes and the changes they bring. This discussion isn’t just informational, but crucial for anyone looking to understand how these developments will affect voting in Michigan. Moreover, it’s an opportunity to understand how the new voting process aims to enhance voter participation and convenience across the state.

By becoming informed and sharing this knowledge, you play an essential role in empowering our community. Together, we can ensure that the introduction of early voting is fully utilized to amplify our voices in the electoral process. This session is an invaluable chance for us to learn, ask questions, and ensure that every voice in Michigan is heard.

Meeting Details:
Date: Friday, February 16
Time: 12:30 – 1:30 PM


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