Michigan Legislature Advances Juvenile Justice Bill Package

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The Michigan Center for Youth Justice (MCYJ) is thrilled to share another step forward for the Justice for Kids and Communities legislative package. Tuesday October 17, 2023 the Michigan State House voted in favor of advancing House Bills: 4625-4626, 4628-4630, 4633, 4636-4637, 4639-4640, and 4643 out of the chamber.

This marks a monumental step forward in the reform of Michigan’s juvenile justice system. The legislation voted out of chamber today includes the utilization of evidence-based practices for risk screening tools and mental health screening tools, the elimination of most juvenile court fines and fees, and the expansion of juvenile defense and appellate services.

Jason Smith, MCYJ’s executive director shared, “The advancement of the Justice for Kids and Communities Package in the Michigan House Chamber is a significant step towards transforming our juvenile justice system. These reforms will expand alternatives to incarceration and ensure that every young person has equal access to justice.” MCYJ extends its gratitude to all members of the Michigan House Chamber for their support of this crucial legislation and their dedication to improving the lives of Michigan’s youth. We will keep you updated as the legislation continues forward across both chambers.


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