View Art Exhibitions About Mass Incarceration at Michigan State University

Culminating Sept. 9th, The MSU Broad Art Museum will have opened six exhibitions dedicated to mass incarceration in the U.S.

The exhibition Per(Sister) focuses on stories by formerly incarcerated women, the exhibition Free Your Mind on art by individuals currenlty incarcerated in Michigan, Making Space on youth aging out of foster care, Exposure to Light on photos by youth in correctional facilites, Silenced on stories of isolation and confinement in Michigan, and Connections & New Beginnings on art by returning artists/citizens. For more information visit the Broad Museum website.


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  1. Kenneth Gourlay Avatar

    I visited the artists in transition curator tour yesterday and was amazed by the quality of these exhibits. The work is very powerful and represents many artists, both incarcerated and since released. I highly recommend this exhibition, and I hope it receives the widespread and critical attention it deserves.

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