Modern Slavery Hidden in Plain Sight

A Community Call to Action Event on the Forced Servitude Happening in Prisons

Hosted by: Rep. Shri Thanedar (MI-13), Marcus Kelly (Founder, Change Up), Catresse Qualls (Moderator), and Eldridge Ross (Member & Organizer)

With Special Guests: State Rep. Stephanie Young, Hakim Nathaniel Crampton (Former Commissioner, MI Indigent Defense Commission. State Rep. Donovan McKinney

From Hakim Nathaniel Crampton, special guest at this event: “Mass Incarceration in America is a policy driven practice extending Antebellum slavery. The 13th Amendment provided a Constitutional loop hole that allows the dehumanization of people by labeling them “felons” and “criminals.” This Saturday we will unmask this nefarious policy and practice impacting millions of people annually. Join us in Detroit this Saturday February 10th.”

Sat., Feb. 10th from 2 – 4PM

The Shri Thanedar Community Center, 18405 Livernois

Modern Slavery Hidden in Plain Sight
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