Criminal Justice Legislation Reform Coalition meeting 

Meets bi-weekly (every two weeks) from 2-3pm

Feb 21st ⧫ March 6th ⧫ March 20th ⧫ April 3rd ⧫ April 17th 

As concerned citizens and organizations, including the Michigan Collaborative to End Mass Incarceration (MI-CEMI), Black Voters Matter (BVM), When You Vote, I Win (WYVIW), Voting Access for All Coalition (VAAC), and numerous impassioned advocates. We aim to address Michigan’s legislature and advocate for the passage of pivotal criminal legal reform legislation.

Coalition’s Approach:

Policy Reform and Bill Championing

Identifying and supporting legislation for sentencing reforms, diversion programs, and rehabilitation-focused measures.

Data-Driven Advocacy

Analyzing existing policies to identify areas for improvement and presenting evidence-based proposals to legislators.

Collaborative Efforts

Building coalitions with advocacy groups, stakeholders, and affected communities to amplify advocacy efforts and create a unified front for change.

Education and Awareness

Engaging in public advocacy campaigns to raise awareness and garner support for legislative changes.

Contact: 248-497-1779

Criminal Justice Legislation Reform Coalition meeting 

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