Election Integrity Webinar: Ensuring Trust at the Local Level

Our democracy thrives on the principle of free and fair elections. It is the cornerstone of our society, the mechanism through which we, as citizens, exercise our most fundamental right—the right to vote. However, this right is only meaningful if we can trust in the integrity of the electoral process. As cosponsors of the upcoming webinar, “Election Integrity: Ensuring Trust at the Local Level!” we are reaching out to you today to invite you to join us on June 4th for this vital and timely discussion. (ORG NAME) believes it is imperative that we come together to understand the measures in place to ensure fair and secure elections. Register HERE!

In this webinar, esteemed panelists, Oakland County (MI) Clerk/Register of Deeds Lisa Brown, Pima County (AZ) Recorder Cázares-Kelly, and Broward County (FL) Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott, will provide an in-depth exploration of the on-the-ground measures in place at the local level to safeguard our elections. From countering misinformation to implementing effective security protocols, our panelists will shed light on the strategies being employed in 3 large counties in different important battleground states to ensure that every vote is counted and every voice is heard. Register HERE.

Event Details:
Date: Tuesday, June 4th
Time: 7:30 pm EDT/4:30 pm MST (Arizona)
Where: On-line Register HERE.
We encourage you to join us for “Election Integrity: Ensuring Trust at the Local Level!


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