FPP (Family Participation Program) Virtual Meeting with guest, Deb Hart

Advocacy Meeting for Families Impacted by Incarceration in Michigan!

This month we will be joined by Deb Hart, a trauma informed movement and meditation teacher, for a virtual mini iRest meditation session designed to bring solace and strength.

You will learn accessible iRest meditation techniques to navigate stress, cultivate resilience, and find pockets of peace amidst challenging circumstances. This is a space for anyone touched by the complexities of incarceration to:

🩵Unwind and recharge: Let go of tension and worries, even for a short time.

🩵Connect with compassion: Extend kindness and understanding toward yourself and your loved ones.

🩵Discover inner strength: Tap into personal resources for navigating difficult emotions.

No prior meditation experience needed! Deb will guide you through each step, making this practice accessible for everyone. Whether you’re directly impacted by incarceration or simply seeking to expand your compassion, this session offers a welcome pause to find calm and connection.


Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Time: 6:30PM EST

FPP Meeting Schedule

Deb Hart
iRest Meditation

CPR News & Legislative Updates

Family Support
(If you are in need of support or need guidance concerning your loved one, you will be able to connect with an advocate during this time.)

In order to join us for this event, you must now register. This is for the privacy and safety of all attendees.

Register here.


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