Voter Turnout .20 Survey Needs Your Input

VAAC member organization, “When You Vote – I Win” is engaged in several initiatives directed towards its purpose of increasing voter participation, with a focus on marginalized communities. Included within our efforts is a campaign entitled “Voter Turnout .20. This campaign’s goal is to identify the thought process as to why a consistent percentage of voters that participate in the presidential elections do not vote in the midterms at numbers that average about 20%. WE NEED YOUR HELP!!!

According to When You Vote – I Win founder, Charles Thomas, “In order to ensure that we are most effective in our efforts we are seeking input by way of survey responses, the first of which will address the “Voter Turnout .20″ campaign. Our hope is to receive as many responses as possible so please, along with responding to the survey, push it out to your friends and family. We believe that a fully represented democracy where all of its member citizens’ needs are considered will only come about when its citizens, more robustly, participate”. 

Click HERE to fill out the short survey.


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