VAAC Welcomes Black History Month

Join us in welcoming Black History Month by watching our video.

This time takes on even more special meaning in light of the attempts across the country to stop telling our story. We will never stop honoring our ancestors, our mentors, our bright minds, and our excellence. Join us in celebrating and honoring the pivotal role and achievements of Black people in the United States.

Featuring (in order of appearance) in the video:

Georgiana Simpson

Hiram Rhodes Revels

Charles Lewis Reason

Lucy Stanton Day Sessions

Theodore Sedgwick Wright

Ruth Simmons

Edward Alexander Bouchet

Charles R. Drew

Levi Watkins Jr.

Daniel Hale Williams

Harriet Tubman

James McCune Smith

Oliver Lewis

Moses Fleetwood Walker

Jack Johnson

Jackie Robinson

Maurice Ashley

Arthur Ashe

Eldrick “Tiger” Woods

Marian Anderson

The African Company

Francis Johnson

William Henry Lane (Master Juba)

Phillis Wheatley

Todd Duncan

Gwendolyn Brooks

Charles Gordone

Frederick Douglass

William Wells Brown

William Allen (Count) Basie

Toni Morrison

Rita Dove

Ella Fitzgerald

Arthur Mitchell

Lincoln Motion Picture Company

Hattie McDaniel

Julie Dash

Jack Leroy Cooper

Robert Henry Lawrence Jr.

Max Robinson

Nat “King” Cole

Juanita Hall

Oscar Micheaux

Gordon Parks

Matthew Henson

Mae C. Jemison

Frederick Drew Gregory

Bessie Coleman

George W. Gibbs Jr.

Barrington Irving

Barbara Hillary

Ruth Carol Taylor

Lois Jean White

Carolyn Jefferson- Jenkins

Vanessa Williams

Jill Elaine Brown

William “Bill” Pinkney

Carole Ann-Marie Gist

Byron Allen

Ketanji Brown Jackson

Kamala Harris

Tim Story

Sidney Poitier

Shirley Chisholm

Barbara Jordan

Ava DuVernay

John Singleton

Spike Lee

Melvin van Peebles

Audre Lorde

Ida B. Wells

Zora Neale Hurston

Huey P. Newton

Fred Hampton

Bobby Seale

Stokely Carmichael

Angela Davis

James Baldwin

A. Philip Randolph

Coretta Scott-King

Martin Luther King Jr.

Michelle Obama

Barack Obama


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