Voter Suppression – A Horror Story

Halloween is coming and we’re facing an horrific attack on our voting rights. Some time between election day on Nov. 8th and the end of the year, a thinly veiled initiative by right-wing extremist lawmakers to make it harder for Black and low-income Michiganders to vote will most likely reach the legislature for a vote that can’t be vetoed. If it passes, Michigan will take a major step towards resurrecting Jim Crow. Corporations like Blue Cross of Michigan, DTE, and GM are bankrolling politicians poised to pass this voter suppression initiative even though they’ve all said they believe in racial justice and voting rights. The Defend Black Voters Coalition is going to make them put their money where their mouth is. 

Join us Halloween morning to do some trick or treat marching on the largest corporate contributors to the attack on our voting rights. SIGN UP HERE.

When and where: Meet at 9:40am Monday October 31st at Spirit of Detroit Plaza. (We’ll be finished before 12pm.)


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