VAAC Goal for National Voter Registration Month this September

At this week’s Tuesday morning Voting Ed and Outreach meeting, we set a goal for September (National Voter Registration month):

  1. to distribute flyers and posters to all the settings we have listed on our Community outreach spreadsheet during the first two weeks of September;
  2. to make contact with all 83 county jails about in-person outreach plans and/or voting by mail in jail materials and plans; and
  3. to follow up with a phone call to each of these community settings and jails by September 28th (National Voter Registration Day) to see how the distribution of materials is going, if people have questions, and if they need more materials.

Please join us. Getting involved is easy, impactful, and fun:

  • Sign up to volunteer with VAAC and let us know where you can help.
  • We will help get you all the flyers and posters you need – via E.B. in Detroit area, Kathi in Grand Rapids area, Ginny in Washtenaw Co area or via snailmail for anywhere else in Michigan! 
  • You drop off our beautiful VAAC flyers and posters at each setting(s) you choose (aiming to do so by September 14). 
  • You call them back on or near September 28th to see how it’s going and if people have questions or need more supplies. 
  • If you want to help with jail outreach (and you’re not already doing so), let us know. There are many county jails that can use an ambassador for phone calls – even if we’re not driving to all the counties statewide. 

Thanks, everyone, for being VAAC ambassadors, reaching out for ALL VOICES to be heard and ALL VOTES to be gathered. 


2 responses to “VAAC Goal for National Voter Registration Month this September”

  1. Booker T Walker Avatar
    Booker T Walker

    What an amazing group of people coming together for a common cause fighting the Jim Crow system I am so glad to be a part of this group of amazing people
    Blessings be upon all of you for your hard-working commitment

  2. Booker T Walker Avatar
    Booker T Walker

    What an amazing group of people getting so much done with their efforts fighting the Jim Crow system
    And myself honored to be a member blessing be upon all of you and your family stay safe peace and love

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