Michigan Voters can visit an early voting site in their area to cast a ballot in person during the early voting period.

  • Early voting sites are open for at least 8 hours each day of the required 9-day early voting period.
  • Early voting is available a minimum of 9 days, beginning on the second Saturday before Election Day and ending on the Sunday before Election Day.
    • Saturday July 27 through Sunday August 4 for the August 6 Primary Election.
    • Saturday October 26 through Sunday November 3 for the November 5 General Election.
  • Municipalities may offer up to 29 days total early in-person voting.
  • Early voting sites will be designated by county or local clerks.

Once available, voters can look up their assigned early voting site(s).

You can find more information on early in-person voting at the Michigan Secretary of State website.

You can also visit an early voting site to tabulate your completed absentee ballot. Just visit your assigned early voting site, check in with the poll workers, and insert your ballot into the tabulator.