Minority Rule: A Conversation with Ari Berman and Advocates

On Wednesday, July 24, at 1 pm EST Campaign Legal Center Senior Vice President Bruce Spiva will host this event with author Ari Berman and advocates Cliff Albright and Katie Fahey to discuss Berman’s new book “Minority Rule” and the importance of safeguarding the freedom to vote.

Most Americans agree on a fundamental principle: In our democracy, free and fair elections rely on every voter having the ability to make their voice heard. But what that looks like in practice and who our democracy includes doesn’t always align with that ideal.

Unfortunately, this isn’t new.

From the country’s inception, America has confronted existential questions about the nature of our democracy: Who gets to vote? How should we elect our leaders? Who counts as a person?

These debates, in one form or another, have raged for America’s nearly 250-year existence – and continue through the present day.  

“Minority Rule,” a new book by celebrated voting rights journalist Ari Berman, digs into these debates, weaving historical narratives together with modern anecdotes and data to paint a broad picture of the impact of anti-democratic attacks on the freedom to vote.  

In conversation with Campaign Legal Center Senior Vice President Bruce Spiva, Berman will be joined by advocates featured in his book including Cliff Albright, a co-founder of Black Voters Matter; and Katie Fahey, Executive Director of The People. Panelists will discuss structural attacks on our democracy, dig into the anti-democratic efforts behind these attacks, and dive into ways to fight back and strengthen our democracy.



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