Oakland County Progressive Summit Part 4

The fourth session of the Oakland County Progressive Summit is set to take place December 9, 2023 from 9:00am to 2:00pm at the Madison Heights Plumbers Union (Located at 555 Horace Brown Drive Madison Heights, MI 48071). Lunch will be provided.

This event is being organized in collaboration with County Commissioner Charlie Cavell and Pontiac City Councilman Mikal Goodman with the Sierra Club, Michigan League of Conservation Voters, Oakland Forward, MAGIC, and For Our Future taking part. We are reaching out to progressive leaders in our community to continue convening, collaborating, and scheming about how we can build a progressive future together in our county and State.

The goal of the summit is to 

(1) provide a space for us progressives to hear from one another,    

(2) engage with fellow progressive’s and aligned electeds and 

(3) work collaboratively to better understand how the seven identified issues at previous summits (Education Bill of Rights, Universal Healthcare, Criminal Justice Reform, Utility Relief (Water, Energy), Gun Violence Reform, Housing Reform, Universal, Equitable Dependent Care) intersect with each other and how we can build a statewide coalition around working together to achieve these objectives in 1:1, small, and large group formats.

(4) and to form three steering committees (one focused on local collaboration, one for county wide collaboration, and one for statewide collaboration, to build sustainable, meaningful collaboratives that will work towards actively achieving the policy ideas identified under the seven issue buckets chosen at previous summits.  


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