On Tuesday, April 26, 2022 at 1pm ET, the Liberty and Justice For All Coalition and VAAC will host a virtual press conference with community leaders and grassroots organizations to speak on the need for Good Time credits to be restored to Michigan prisons and the urgency for #GoodTime petitions to be signed and returned.

The lack of Good Time credits in prison sentencing has caused the breaking down of communities, separation of the family unit, and unnecessary trauma to the person serving time and their loved ones. 

Michigan is one of six states in the country that offer no way for incarcerated people to earn time off their sentence. Instead, Michigan utilizes truth-in-sentencing which is unapologetically cruel and unusual punishment. A consequence of this sentencing system is that many people are forced to serve more than 125% of their sentence. 

Good Time credits would allow the opportunity for incarcerated individuals to reduce their sentence through efforts like holding employment while in prison, participating in a training program, earning a college degree or educational certificate. These credits provide eligible inmates a second chance at life. This change within prisons would also assist in making Michigan prisons safer while lowering the prison expenses within the state budget. During this call, speakers will issue a call to action, urging the public to pick up, drop off, or schedule to sign the Michigan Good Time petition by May 1st, 2022.

Please join the call on Tuesday, April 26th at 1 PM. To RSVP please click the link below.



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