VAAC Celebrates Black History 365 Days a Year

The right to vote
The right to an education
The right to organize
The right to live with dignity

These are values we hold dear and fight for not just during Black History Month but all year ’round! One of the best ways to celebrate Black History Month is by promoting voter registration and access for the justice involved.

Many re-emerging citizens wonder “can I vote with a felony conviction?” and assume the laws have restricted their rights. But that’s not true! In Michigan, people with convictions CAN VOTE after they are released from incarceration. That’s true even if you are on probation or parole. Unfortunately many may not know it – because of felony disenfranchisement laws.

The way to make change is by voting, not just nationally but in your state & local elections. Show up & Vote. That’s how we change policy we don’t agree with. Make sure not just you, but check with friends and family to make sure they are registered to vote. Some aren’t & just need to be asked!


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