In Memory

It is difficult to know what words to use at a time like this. We are still shocked, grieving and reeling from the untimely passing of Daniel “Danny” Jones. This is a horror none of us can imagine or believe. Danny was our friend, our brother, and our leader. He will always be deeply embedded in our hearts.  He was a leader for so many and across a plethora of organizations.

He was a champion and a leader for voting rights, reforms in prison gerrymandering, ending life and long sentences and ending juvenile life without parole. So many have been impacted by Danny’s work. Gone but never forgotten, our coalition will band together with so many others to carry on his work. 

As our Chairperson, Danny was committed to uplifting the vision and mission for all individuals impacted by the justice system, along with their families and community.   

And as an organization, we are committed to fulfilling his passion and dedication by continuing Danny’s vision and mission that any persons with a felony conviction have the knowledge and opportunity they need to vote. And that this work to dismantle barriers that prevent justice-impacted Michiganders from exercising their right to vote be carried out year-round—throughout our community all the way to our capital!

Our community is deeply impacted by his life, his gifts—and his loss.  Please offer and receive support in the ways that you are able.  And please take care of yourselves and each other.

Leadership is about making others better as a result of your presence and making sure that impact lasts in your absence.