Earl Burton served as Relational Organizer for Michigan Liberation. Below are some details, in Earl’s own words, about his work there.

Michigan Liberation accomplishment(s):

Turning the vote out in Michigan. Being able to bail out people who otherwise would have had to remain in jail for their inability to pay.

What is your greatest hope as it pertains to criminal justice and/or social justice?

Equity for the community. My greatest hope is that justice becomes equitable and the end of mass incarceration and over policing in the black and brown communities.

What are some key lessons and/or quotes you’ve learned in life?

Never say anything about someone that you won’t say to them. That when you do the right thing you can live with the results whatever they may be.

What do you admire about Michigan Liberation?

That we’re a family. The authenticity, transparency, and family atmosphere.

What are your most memorable times at Michigan Liberation?

The surprise party after our core group meeting. I will never forget the time when I was asked to become a part of the org.