Celebrating Black History Month

This week marks the beginning of Black History Month, a time to reflect on the past and inspire change for the future. At Voting Access for All Coalition (VAAC), we’re dedicated to championing the voting rights that so many Black leaders have fought for throughout history. Their courage and resilience have paved the way for a more inclusive democracy. As we embark on this month of celebration and remembrance, let’s honor these heroes by committing to the mission of ensuring every voice is heard. Join us in advocating for accessible and equitable voting for all. Together, we can carry forward the legacy of those who made our voices count.

As we move further into this election year VAAC wants to remind our communities that Yes, You Can Vote in Michigan!


  • You have a felony record.
  • You are on probation, parole, or tether.
  • You are awaiting arraignment, trial, or sentencing, regardless of your incarceration status.
  • Your housing is unstable.
  • You have a disability.
  • You do not have a Michigan ID.

Check your voter registration and more at https://mvic.sos.state.mi.us/

Learn more about your voting rights at our voting information page here: https://votingaccessforall.org/vote/


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